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The Examinations

An examination is intended to be a positive and developmental experience. Practical Examinations are conducted in a friendly and professional atmosphere on a one-on-one basis. Members of The Royal Conservatory College of Examiners are chosen not only for their professional qualifications but also for their ability to interact constructively with examination candidates.

Practical Examinations

Practical Examination candidates are tested on the performance of repertoire, studies and technique. Ear training and sight reading requirements help develop and reinforce solid musicianship skills. An extensive list of instruments and subjects is available here.

Theory Examinations

Theory Examinations, designed to complement practical studies, begin at the Level 5 practical level and are written in a formal classroom setting. The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program theory requirements ensure a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the building blocks of music. For more details, please explore the Theory Syllabus 2016 Edition.

The Curriculum

The various syllabi of The Royal Conservatory list the examination requirements for each level and subject. The unusually broad range of repertoire and studies/etudes:

  • includes standard repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th-century style periods
  • provides teachers with a valuable pedagogical resource
  • gives students a wide selection
  • allows choice of examination programs according to individual musical interests and strengths

Examination requirements are regularly reviewed by leading teachers and musicians to ensure continuing adherence to the high standards of The Royal Conservatory. Syllabi are also available at leading music retailers.

RCM College of Examiners

The Royal Conservatory College of Examiners is a body of more than 300 distinguished professional teachers and performers, carefully selected for their demonstrated skill and professionalism. Members of the College of Examiners have completed up to three years of initial training and participate in on-going professional development sessions. Members of the College are continually reviewed to ensure consistency with the well-established standards of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program.

Click here for detailed information on the College of Examiners.

The Examiner's Evaluation

Each candidate taking a Practical Examination receives a mark and a written evaluation. The Examiner's professional and objective assessment of both strengths and weaknesses is intended to encourage candidates and enhance their continued studies with their teacher.

Marked Theory Examination papers are made available to all candidates online with their results. Teachers are expected to review marked papers with their students in order to ensure a complete learning process before proceeding to the next level.