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Credits and Refund Policies

  • Once received by The Royal Conservatory, registrations may not be withdrawn.
  • No examination credits/refunds are granted to candidates who fail to appear for their scheduled examination.
  • There are no academic penalties for missed examinations.
  • No examination credits/refunds are given for amounts under $15.
  • No examination credits/refunds are granted if The Royal Conservatory is unable to accommodate a special request (other than religious restrictions).

If you cannot attend your practical examination due to:

  • Direct time conflict with a school examination
    • Supported by a letter on official school letterhead, signed and dated by a school official. This letter must specify the date of the school examination that directly conflicts with the candidate's music examination (i.e., general dates of school examinations will not be accepted).
  • Medical reasons that involve the candidate
    • Supported by a physician's letter on the official letterhead of the doctor's office, and that is signed and dated by the doctor.
...then you can apply for an examination credit (formerly called a “fee extension”) for the full amount of the examination fee OR a 50% refund of the examination fee

Please Note:

  • The “Credits/Refunds Request Form” should be filled in and submitted to The Royal Conservatory along with supporting documentation (e.g., a letter from a physician or school authority on school letterhead).
  • Requests must be submitted to The Royal Conservatory in writing no later than two weeks after your examination date. Requests received after this time will be denied.
  • You must indicate at the time you submit your Request form whether you are applying for a credit for the full examination fee or a 50% refund of the examination fee. Changes are not permitted after submission.
  • Approved examination credits must be used within one year for one of the examination sessions listed in the table below, and are non-transferable and cannot be extended beyond one year.
  • To redeem an examination credit, candidates should apply for their next examination online where the credit will automatically be applied. The Royal Conservatory will NOT automatically register you for another session.
* NOTE: Examination credits approved for the Spring Session (May / June) cannot be applied to registrations for the Summer Session (August).

To apply for a fee extension please fill out the Credits and Refunds Request Form.