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Practice Theory Assessments

Available for Rudiments, Harmony, History, Counterpoint, Analysis, ARCT Piano Teacher's Written, and Piano Pedagogy Written examinations.

  • Submit a practice paper from the RCM Examinations Official Examination Papers, 2015 Edition for assessment in preparation for your actual examination.
  • Receive the Practice Theory Assessment, marked by a member of the College of Examiners, in time to review the feedback in advance of your examination.

Please note: Practice papers submitted for assessment MUST be taken from the RCM Examinations Official Examination Papers, 2015 Edition. Papers from previous editions of the Official Examination Papers cannot be accepted for assessment. Assessments do not necessarily reflect your potential performance on a theory examination under normal examination conditions. The comments and marks should only be used as tools for review and improvement.

Candidates will receive the assessed paper back through the mail 2 – 3 weeks after the date of the submission. The practice paper will be assessed by a member of the The Royal Conservatory Examinations College of Examiners. Candidates will receive a mark and brief comments on their assessed practice paper.

Practice Theory Assessment requests may be submitted at anytime during the year. However, if you have registered for an examination, and wish to receive timely feedback, then your Practice Theory Assessment request must be received by The Royal Conservatory Examinations no later than the deadlines for submission indicated below:

Requests for Practice Theory Assessments received after the respective deadline cannot be guaranteed to be returned to you in time for the relevant examination session.

How to submit a Practice Theory Assessment request:

  1. Complete any practice theory paper from The Royal Conservatory Official Examination Papers, 2015 Edition.
  2. Download and fill out the Practice Theory Assessment Submission Form.
  3. Mail the completed practice paper and Practice Theory Assessment Submission Form with the requisite fee of $65 to:

    Practice Theory Assessments
    The Royal Conservatory
    273 Bloor Street West
    Toronto, Ontario M5S 1W2