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Recognition of Accomplishment


To recognize achievement, certificates are awarded at every grade to all candidates who have successfully completed the requirements for practical and theory examinations.

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The Associate of The Royal Conservatory (ARCT) diploma is the highest academic credential awarded by The Royal Conservatory for most instruments and voice.   In addition to the ARCT, The Royal Conservatory offers the Licentiate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (LRCM) to pianists who wish to further their studies in performance.  The Teachers' ARCT and the ARCT in Piano Pedagogy are internationally respected diplomas and teaching qualifications for teachers.

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Medals and Prizes

All examination candidates are eligible to win Gold Medal awards from The Royal Conservatory, as well as prizes supported by donors. All awards are based on examination results.

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In many school systems, achievement in The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is accepted as credit toward secondary school graduation. Achievement in the Certificate Program is also considered an important element in entrance requirements for professional music programs at many universities and colleges.

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