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RCM Certified Teachers are dedicated lifelong learners who share a commitment to building a brighter future for music education. As an RCM Certified Teacher, you receive exclusive online access to valuable professional development resources that will help you build and strengthen your teaching practice. You join a private online community of like-minded peers with whom you can share your teaching challenges and celebrate your successes. You raise your profile as a teaching professional through accreditation in your specialty and top-tier positioning in our National Music Teacher Directory.

Why Become Certified?

Learn from master teachers across North America Build on your existing knowledge and add to your teaching skills<br />
Discover tips for handling everyday challenges Participate in an online community of your peers

RCM Teacher Certification is valid for a two year period and the cost is $249 - that's less than $5/week for access to high-quality, comprehensive collections and resources via your Teacher Portal and all the other benefits RCM Certified Teachers receive.

Certification via Equivalent Standing

If you are an established teacher with pedagogy training, music degrees, or performance diplomas, and demonstrated experience teaching the RCM System, you may be eligible for Equivalent Standing. Please use our online tool below or consult our Equivalent Standing Rubric to see if you qualify.

Click here to apply for Equivalent Standing

Where do you stand? Use our easy online tool to see if you qualify for Equivalent Standing.

To apply for Equivalent Standing you must be 16 years of age or older. If you meet this requirement, please continue by selecting if you are interested in qualifying for a Practical or Theory designation.

Practical Theory

Do you have a University Music Degree, equivalent training, and/or a minimum of RCM Level 8 or equivalent

  1. Yes
  2. No

1) Do you have a minimum RCM Advanced Rudiments/Level 8 Theory*, RCM Advanced Harmony/Level 9 Theory Certificate*, and RCM History 1 and 2/RCM Level 10 History* AND/OR a University Music Degree or equivalent?

  1. Yes
  2. No

*These theory criteria correspond with the RCM Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition.
Please note that Level 9 Theory Certificate = Level 9 History and Level 9 Harmony (or Keyboard Harmony)

You may be eligible for Equivalent Standing, please consult the rubric.

At this time, you may not be eligible for Equivalent Standing—please consult the rubric to confirm. If you determine that you are not yet eligible for Equivalent Standing, but would like to join the RCM Certified Teacher community, we encourage you to learn more about our Piano Teacher Specialist Courses.

Please note that this questionnaire does not guarantee your eligibility for Equivalent Standing. Please consult the rubric to determine if your specific credentials and exam submissions meet the requirements.

See full EQS Rubric

Certification Renewal

RCM Certification is valid for a two-year period. Within 24 months of receiving full certification* you must meet the following requirements to remain certified.

  1. Submit at least 4 successful RCM examination candidates (can be combination of practical and/or theory)
  2. Complete 10 hours of eligible RCM professional development**
  3. Update your online teacher profile
  4. Submit $249 for continued access to your exclusive Certified Teacher Portal resources and collections

Note: You will receive an email from RCM Teacher Certification to remind you of your upcoming renewal deadline. If you have not heard from us and your renewal date is approaching, please email TeacherServices@rcmusic.ca.

* Teachers become fully Certified via Equivalent Standing OR through successful completion of an RCM Piano Teacher Specialist Course plus submission of two successful piano exam candidates.

** Eligible RCM professional development: RCM Piano Teacher Specialist Courses (including audit version); RCM Certified Teacher Portal Seminars, Tutorials, and Videos; RCM Summer Summit; in-person RCM Workshops and Clinics.

Pedagogy and Teacher’s ARCT

The RCM Piano Pedagogy Certificate Examinations continue to be offered.

If you have completed one or more levels of the RCM Pedagogy Certificate Program and have submitted the required number of exam candidates, you have achieved Equivalent Standing at the same level in our Teacher Certification Program. You can apply to be Certified via Equivalent Standing and you may also complete your pedagogical studies through our online Piano Teacher Specialist Courses.

ARCT Teacher’s Diploma (piano and non-piano)

If you have completed your ARCT Teacher’s Diploma (piano or non-piano) and have submitted the required number of exam candidates, you have achieved Equivalent Standing as an Advanced Specialist in our Teacher Certification Program. Please click here to apply for Certification in your specialty.

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